This is one of my projects about data visualisation in celebration of Podricing's 1 year anniversary.

Podricing is a diaspora* pod. diaspora* is a free and open source software. The diaspora* project is a decentralized, self regulated social network that consists of independent nodes, called pods, that participate in the network. The project began in November 2010 and in March 2014 diaspora* counted with more than 1 million users.

This video shows several podricing users interacting with the pod at the course of the year. Each branch is a profile and user posts are leaves.

Today, Podricing serves more than 12043 posts and its home of 297 users. Although not used in the video, comments and likes count as 63850+ interactions between Podricing users.

This project was made possible thanks to free software tools and the possibility of accessing the diaspora* source code. I'd also like to thank Podricing's podminn for helping me with this project.

serverside mysql query

For more information you can download the source code. I added some technical details in there.